Electronic driving book

Electronic driving book

Approved and meets all Tax Administration requirements for documentation of professional driving.

We have delivered Electronic Driving Book since 2012 and launch a complete new version now in September 2017. This version

When driving the private car, this must be registered and you are liable for this use of the occupational vehicle. If companies do not document this properly, they can risk tax breaks by almost one million dollars and the employee can receive an additional tax of up to 100,000 kr. If you have an electronic drive book from Sagasystem, this is the safest way to prove that the car is used for professional driving. Here, Sagasystem will help you document all driving; both private and professional driving so this never again is a concern for company or employee.


Our team is ready to help you with anything you should have questions about. If you are not connected to your electronic driving book system within 3 days of sending device, we will send you an email to check if you need assistance and guidance, if your device is not online after one week, one of our customer consultants will call you and help with device installation and login on your web account.



To be used in work. According to new law, private use of electronic driving book may be used


User pays tax for private use based on new car price.


When using a private car at work, it receives km. allowance. This can be tax-free and taxable.