Service & Maintenance


A major focus we have is on maintenance and service. A bus out of service costs both time and money.

IT systems on buses are today comprehensive and operationally critical at several stages in the operational, both for the operator and the public information in general. We look at the overall picture that involves all joints to keep both system and components in operation. At the same time, faults will occur both on equipment and components and in these cases it is crucial to obtain information about the fault as soon as it has occurred, and immediately correct errors.

One consequence of more data available is that we can predict errors that come with the use of algorithm and set up notifications for desirable parameters.

A new module in the Tenix portfolio is Tenix ServiceHub, which contains an application and web application. The module is tailor-made for bus operations and is a substitute for manual processes and better processes that, among other things, involve damage, service and washing of buses.