Software Solutions

We make solutions built for bus and public transport. We have more than 10 years of experience with deliveries to both large and small bus operators, and eventually, we have started to work more towards the public information in the segment.

We provide robust solutions that include continuous updates of software and new modules and operate these for our customers.

In 2008, we delivered data from buses with 10-second frequency and data per second with uptime 24/7 all year. This was market leading at that time and made great demands on infrastructure and robustness.

In 2014, we launched a new product portfolio with the Tenix brand name. At the same time, we launched a completely new version of our fleet management system, which included more data from FMS Gateway in the buses and Tachograph readers. We put all the data in the cloud and secure them with redundancy on local high-security servers.

In 2017, we started work on ITxPT and the new requirements that we now see are in Norwegian tenders from 2019. As a member of ITxPT, we are involved in the design of the requirements and consider it extremely positive that the IT delivery within the bus segment is standardized, to that best for all parts of the deliveries.

The portfolio we provide now covers more areas than ever for our customers and partners.

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