Tenix (Bus)

Tenix (Bus)

Tenix is a stand alone product from Sagasystem for the bus market. We have long experience from delivering variety of solutions to the bus segment and have distilled all of that experience and solutions in its own product. Read more about Tenix: www.tenix.eu


About Tenix:

We believe data is useless if it does not help users find answers to their questions. Tenix turns data into insights by creating statistics and presents it in content rich and interactive format. Tenix provides its users at all levels the freedom to filter and exclude data to quickly find answers.

Monitoring the condition of the bus and maintenance planning is a critical part of the fleet operation to ensure that the services run smoothly. Tenix tracks different vehicle parameters in real time and analyzes these data to find new state problems. This allows the fleet managers to schedule maintenance in advance. Tenix also includes processes that allow you to combine manual tasks with state analysis data to give you full control of vehicle maintenance.

Tenix is ​​built as an open platform that allows the software to fit into your software ecosystem. Tenix can be integrated with third party systems using APIs and data adapters. By being open, Tenix makes you more productive and gets you the right information.